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46 Defense Q & A

A little bit about us:
We are a group of current and retired college football coaches who have over 30 years of coaching experience at the college level.  Since learning this scheme in the late 90's, and spending time with both Ryan brothers, we have coached at several different schools and had 3 different Nationally Ranked Defenses at the collegiate level, and improved the statistics immensely at another.  We have also been apart of one of the biggest turnarounds in NCAA history.  Along with that, we have been able to improve the defensive numbers and overall record at two other High Schools.  Our staff has over 50 years of coaching experience overall.  We have spoken at several different clinics, including the Glazier, about this defense, and decided to put out these videos to help coaches learn the 46.

Is it worth it?
Absolutely.  You are getting an interactive playbook that is already done.  Make sure you read through the slide list to understand what is included on this disc.  Many of the slides are going to give you information you could never get at a clinic.  You are also getting a Drill Disc that breaks down the drills and reads to run this total defense.  These drills pertain to the concepts that you will use on game day. Plus, if you purchase both discs, you get 330 46 Defense cut-ups for free.  These are great clips that will be very useful in your teaching and learning of the defense.  Also included are discount's to future seminars and future discs.  We realize some people will ask what makes this different from Coach Ryans videos?  The biggest difference is we don't just give you scheme.  We are giving you ways to practice this defense, the fundamentals that are needed, the technique, what coverages to run to certain formations, with certain fronts.  How to adjust your current defense to the 46 and make it work, and plenty of coaching slides to help you realize what you need to do during the week to be successful on the weekend.  We give you the whole scheme, not just one front and a couple of coverages and blitzes.  And best of all, 3 full Discs of video cut-ups that are labeled and used in this defense.  Finally, an ability to converse with a real46defense staff member via email when you have a question.  We are giving you the total package. And when you purchase both discs, you get 5 total, which averages out to $50 per disc.  Oh, and a free T-Shirt.

Can you adjust any defense to the 46?
Yes.  The key is making it fit into your system.  There are certain ways to do this.  Certain players need to be put in to certain positions in the 46 for maximum effect.  This is where we are superior to helping you run the defense.  Again, you can't just cover the Center, and both Guards and say hey "we are in the 46".  We show you how to adjust your current defense to the 46, and what coverages (man and zone) to run behind it. 

Can you run this at the High School level?
Certainly.  This system is designed to be simple in technique, multiple in looks.  We can give you 3 different fronts to run, and never change the rules or techniques for your players.  The rules, coverages, techniques, all work with the different fronts.  Our basic philosophy is, cover guys are cover guys, inside guys are inside guys, outside guys are outside guys.  When you do this, it simplifies the teaching.  You can be as complicated as you want, but your teaching time must be expanded.  We want less scheme time, and more time building better players through technique practice.

What other fronts go with the 46?
In this day and age, we believe in a dual-outside linebacker system.  4-2-5, 3-4, 3-3, 6-1.  We usually incorporate an "Over-Even-Bear" front philosophy.  The dual outside linebackers allows us to cover up #2 in spread sets for bubble, jet sweep, things of that nature.  The way we slant the front allows us to try and spill everything to the outside backers and the alley players.  So, our Over Front is a 4-2-5 concept, our Even Front is a 6-1, and of course our Bear Front.  The good thing is, the coverage and techniques work in each front, so there is not any extra teaching involved. 

We are a 3-4 team and just put our OLB's outside and move our Ends to a 3 to get to Bear.  Is this not the best way?
No, we do not believe this is the best way.  You can do that, but you are limited to what you can do in this front.  We position our 3-4 personnel a little differently, to allow us to use the full gambit that the 46 offers, not just one or two concepts.

What types of coverages are available from the 46?  I have always heard it was a Man Free front?  What is the 3 x 1 adjustment, and what about empty?
We will show you how to run 2-Man with 4 and 5 man rush, 2 Deep / 4 Under Zone with 5 man rush, 3 Deep / 3 Under Zone with 5 man rush, Man Free with 5 man rush, and Man Free with a low-hole with 5 man rush.  We have a special coverage we run to 3 x 1, that is easy to adjust to, and we show you the Jayhawk front which allows you to adjust to empty. 

I was told blitzing is the name of the game in the 46.  Is this true?
If you want it to be.  When you get in the 46, you can narrow the possible protections and attack those.  We show you how to do that.  But, more important, with our "Bluff" coverage techniques, you can get teams into a 3-Step passing mode, and drop 7 to work the short routes.  Mix in some blitz with some coverage, and you have the offense guessing.  Plus, you always have enough guys in the box to stop the run.  The thing is, we show you how to do this from multiple fronts, not just the 46.

Is there a voice-over on the discs?
No.  We decided we could get more cut-ups on the discs by just letting them run, and not doing a voice-over and rewinding the tape over and over.  We overlay each clip with the huddle call and player recognition, and if needed, attach a note to the overlay of what is good or bad.  This system allows us to get more cut-ups on the discs, so you have more examples to learn from and work with.

I have heard that 46 terminology is strange.  Is it tough to figure out?
Terminology can be whatever you want it to be.  Some of our terminology comes directly from Buddy Ryans 1995 Arizona Cardinals playbook.  Rex changed some of his terminology when he went to OU.  The important part is to get the concepts that you want to use, and you can rename it to fit your current terminology. Two really good examples are the fact our true 4-under / 3-deep is cover 9.  We use Cover 3 as a loaded zone that we run to specific sets.  Buddys Cover 2 was our Cover 9.  We didn't want to call it Cover 2 because most HS kids coming to college knew Cover 2 as a 5-under / 2-deep zone.  Again, once you learn the concepts, use terminology that will fit into your system.

Can I pay with a Purchase Order?
Absolutely.  Just email us the PO Number, and we will get an invoice back to you immediately.  We will also include an invoice when we send out your order.

How long does shipping take?
Normally, we can get the order out the next day, and shipping is 2-3 days.  Once we receive payment, or the PO#, we verify shipping address, and t-shirt size.  When that is done, we get the order out. 
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