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46 Defense Order Page

What You Get:

When you become a member of, you are getting more than the information, you are getting a consulting firm that will help you build your defense into the best it can be.  All paid memberships include the disc of your choice, a staff member to consult with for the entire season, and a free T-Shirt.  You will also receive discounts to future seminars, and discs we will put out in the near future.  As it is possible to purchase only one disc, we recommend that you purchase both discs, and receive the third, fourth, and fifth disc for free. Disc 3, 4, and 5 are a multitude of labeled cut-ups from NFL and NCAA teams.  The clips are grouped by specific defenses, coverages, blitzes, etc...and are labeled not only with the Huddle Call, but also overlayed with player alignment and assignment.  There are also specific notes overlayed when needed.  We have put together a cut-up disc set with 330 video clips for you and your players to learn from.


1.   Disc One or Disc Two, your choice.  If you choose to buy both discs (recommended), you will receive the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Disc for FREE!

2.   Consultation from the staff at  If you ever have any questions on how to play the 46, or great defense in general, we are here to help.  Simply email us your problem, and we will work on it together.

3.    Disc 3, 4, or 5 (choose one) free, when you purchase Disc one or two.

4.    Discount to future seminars.  

5.    Free T-Shirt from with purchase of Complete Disc Set.

6.    Discount on future discs. 

Disc 1: Paperwork!

Disc one is an interactive CD that includes over 105 slides of information.  You start by getting some notes on running the 46 Defense and some rules that we have put together over the past 10 years.  The next 19 slides are for the coaching staff.  These slides are a schedule of what you need to do on a weekly basis, including how and what to practice, breaking down an opposing offense, and game planning.  The rest of the slides are basically what we put in our playbooks.  The good thing about this CD is that the work is already done.  It is put together in Powerpoint, so all you need to do is go in and change the terminology, if you wish, to fit your existing defensive structure.  As you can see below, we are giving you over 75 slides of defensive information.  If you were to purchase Playmaker Pro new, it would cost you over $175.00, and you would still have to go in and do all the work.  With our CD, you are getting all of the information we have, plus the work is already done, saving you hours and hours of work at the computer.

Included Slides in Disc 1:

2 Slides of Notes Defensive Checklist Discussion Ideas Summer 
Sun. to Fri. Schedule Game Day Responsibility Game Planning Personnel
Formation Recognition Opponent Offense Blitz Concepts Third Down
Pass Rush Defensive Call Sheet Insertion Attitude
Alignments Goals Huddle 3 Slides of Terms
2 Slides Practice Drills 2 Slides D-Line  3 WR Sort Line Stunts
4 Slides ILB Play OLB Play Read and Fit Drill DB Drill Sheet
Over Front Over vs. Formations Bear Front Bear vs. Formations
Bear Nickel Even / Odd Front Jayhawk / GL-SY Front Under Front
Jet Front 3-3 to 46 3-4 to 46 4-2-5 to 46
Silver Coverage Silver as Zone White Coverage White as Zone
Bear Silver 3Z Coverage (Load) Bear Sam Single Mix Coverage
Will Single Vice Coverage Cover 9 (3-Deep) Cover 6 (3-Deep)
16 Slides Fire Zones 3 Slides Defending ZR 10 Slides Bear Blitz Blitz Check
8 Slides Regular Blitz Excel Opponent Scout Excel Practice Schedule
Excel Practice Script

Purchase Disc One for $125.00 plus Shipping and Handling

With free Consultation, Disc 3, 4 or 5 (choose one) free!

Disk 2: Building Better Defenders!

Disc 2 is a video of our drills specifically designed to run this defense effectively.  What we like about our drill tape is that it is structured for the concepts that we use in our defense.  This gives us great practice efficiency, as no time is wasted on essentials that won't be used on game-day.   All of the drills are labeled by drill, and when multiple players are in the drill, the positions are labeled.  If you bought all of these position videos separately, you could pay up to $200.00. Plus, they may not even pertain to what you are doing defensively.  With our drills, they are specifically for this defense, and we give you the circuit training and pursuit drills, and overlay each drill with text so you know what it is and what we are trying to accomplish.  

Included Clips in Disc 2:

Initial Steps Rip Technique ABC’s (Peddle, Hip-Flip, etc..)
3 Slant Drills Stymie Technique 10 Man Drills
Jet Rush Cut Block Technique Zone Drills
Loops Step and Fit Group Work
Pop Outs Hip Flips Swipe (10 Route Combos)
Spy Bags Cora (10 Route Combos)

Half Line (4 blocking schemes) Ball Strip
Read and Fit Oskie Duck Walk Tackle
Boot Rules Rabbit Sideline Tackle


Purchase Disc Two for $125.00 plus Shipping and Handling
With free Consultation, Disc 3, 4 or 5, (choose one) free!

Disc 3: Stop the RUN!

Disc 3 is a cut-up disk with over 110 NFL / NCAA run defense clips.  The clips are labeled by Huddle Call, and overlayed with player position and assignment.

 Over Front Run     
  20  NCAA Clips
 Bear Front Run
  20  NFL Clips
 Even Front Run   15  NCAA Clips
 Jet Defense Run
  25  NCAA Clips
 GL/Short Yardage    15  NCAA Clips


Disc 4: Defending the PASS!

Disc 4 is a cut-up disk with over 120 NFL / NCAA coverage clips.  The clips are labeled by Huddle Call, and overlayed with player position and assignment.

 White Coverage  25   NFL/NCAA Clips   Silver Coverage   17   NFL/NCAA Clips 
 3Z Coverage (Load)   15
 Cover 9 (3-Deep)
 Jayhawk 23 Buzz ZB
 NCAA Clips
 Single Coverage


Disc 5 is a cut-up disk with over 100 NFL / NCAA pressure clips.  The clips are labeled by Huddle Call, and overlayed with player position and assignment.

 Bear Blitz (Multiple) 
 NFL/NCAA Clips   3-4 Fire Zones        35
 NCAA Clips      
 Washington Blitz
 NCAA Clips
 Wisconsin Blitz
 NCAA Clips

Purchase Disc One and Two for $250.00 plus Shipping and Handling
With free Consultation and free T-Shirt!
Receive Disc Three, Four and Five for FREE! Over 330 46 Defense Clips!

To order with PO# or check, simply email us at, and we can get you an invoice to turn in to your business department.

Personal Seminars:
Personal seminars are available with one of our staff consultants.  You can check our seminar page to get more information about our personal seminars. 
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